CANPORT - PC Parallel Port to CAN (Controller Area Network) Adapter

Connect a PC to a Controller Area Network (CAN) with the CANPORT. This powerful device connects to the parallel port and lets you send and receive messages on a CAN network.


Get all the details. Download the user documentation (Word format) for all the details on the included software.

Click here to download the CANPORT.ZIP file containing all of the PC software.

Click here to download the 82527.pdf datasheet.

For the do-it-yourselfer who wants to build one, check out the schematic shown below. The software is available seperately.


Specification Table
CAN Interface Intel 82527
Physical Layer Philips 82C250
Power 6 to 24vdc
Supplied Software DLL for Windows 95
  CANPORT Interface examples
Excel Application Includes sample Excel application.
  DOS Library for Borland


CANPORT Technical Information

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The CANPORT is a simple, yet powerful way to connect a PC to a Controller Area Network (CAN). At the heart is the Intel 82527 CAN interface chip. The 82527 interfaces to the PC through the parallel port using the synchronous serial peripherial interface (a clocked serial interface). Although the interface is slower than a parallel interface, this interface performs adequately for most applications where a low-cost interface is needed.

The device that connects the 82527 to the network is the 82C250 interface IC. The 120 ohm termination resistor can be jumper selected if required. Provisions for additional capacitance can be added by populating C7 and C8.

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Last Update: 11/08/08