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Now anyone can build their own low cost custom CAN (Controller Area Network) with The CanWiser Controller Area Network Building A Low Cost Interface.


Only $69.00
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Without Case
Only $59.00
This hands on book takes you all the way from developing the low level interface routines to building a custom interface.

High priced compilers and hardware are not needed. A very powerful freeware compiler is used for the C programming. Low cost hardware is used as well.

Get up to speed for as low as $59 plus shipping & handling. 

Only $19.95
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The CanWiser Guide
Building A Low Cost
Controller Area Network Interface



    Attention all Engineers, Programmers, Technicians, Students, and Hobbyists...Now available from www.CanWiser.com is a fantastic guide to building a low cost CAN interface tool.

Only $19.95      Get Yours Today!

This guide takes you through all the steps...

  1. Getting a Powerful Freeware C compiler.
  2. Laying out the CAN message structures.
  3. Developing function by function the CAN message reception and transmission features.
  4. Time stamping received messages.
  5. Communicating to the PC via USB at 2 MEGA-BAUD.
  6. Capturing all CAN message traffic to the PC.
  7. Setting up both periodic and single shot CAN messages.

Never programmed a Micro-controller before? Here's a great way to learn how. Once you get the Freeware C compiler loaded on your PC, all the software is developed and explained function by function.

Experienced with Micro-controllers? This is great for you too because now you can get exactly the functionality you want.    

Here's what you get.

Introduction Just a brief introduction.
Getting Started with the Tools Next the tools are introduced. Where to get the freeware C compiler as well as getting low cost hardware is explained.
The Basics Here's where the hands on part starts. Initialization, transmitting and receiving CAN messages, and also time-stamping a receive message is detailed.
More Advanced Topics A network traffic logging tool is developed as well as a PC to CAN interface tool.

 But Wait! Order a CanWiser for just $69.95 and we'll throw The CanWiser Guide Building A Low Cost Controller Area Network Interface in for FREE!













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