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Attention all Engineers, Programmers, Technicians, Students, and Hobbyists...Now available from www.emicros.com is a fantastic hands-on guide to learning Embedded C.
Now anyone can get started in programming embedded systems with The PicWiser Ultimate Guide to Embedded C Programming
This book is not only a great beginner's guide to learning C, writing programs in C, and executing the programs on embedded hardware but also a great way for those with experience to get their ideas into a microcontroller.

This hands on book takes you all the way from learning C to actually programming a microcontroller.

High priced compilers and expensive hardware are not needed. A very powerful freeware compiler is used for the C programming and Low Cost hardware (PicWiser for $59.95) is used as well.

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Here's what you get.

Introduction In the opening chapter the C language is explained from variables to functions to program control.
Getting Started with the Tools Next the tools are introduced. Where to get the freeware C compiler as well as getting low cost hardware is explained.
Basic Projects Here's where the hands on part starts. Learning C while interfacing to LEDs, switches, and peripherials like the serial port and a timer interrupt are shown.
Advanced Projects Keypad scanning and debouncing, I2C interfacing to a 24C65 EEPROM, Temperature Sensing using a DS1821, and a Temperature Logger are detailed.














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