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CAN232: CAN to RS232 (9600 to 115.2k baud)
CANPORT: CAN to Parallel Port
I2C232: I2C to RS232 (9600 to 115.2k baud)
CANTEC11: 68HC11 to CAN Computer

Single Board Computer with Controller Area Network

The CANTEC11 68HC11 Single Board Computer is a low-cost development system.


  • 32 kbyte Flash ROM, 8 kbyte RAM
  • Contains Intel 82527 Controller Area Network
  • Philips 82C250 Physical Layer
  • RS232 Interface
  • LCD Interface
  • Signals available at edge of board.
  • Small form fact, 2.8" x 4.0"
  • Software included.

Incredible pricing: $175.00, click here to order.


The CANTEC11 Software Project explains embedded software from start to finish.



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